Augmented, Mixed, Virtual Reality​ supporting all companies in their business

Space 1 is the solution that makes it possible for companies to rely on AR, MR and VR in their processes, regardless of the market they operate in.

Thanks to the wide availability of parameterizations and standard connectors, which allow integrating with all company systems (ERPs, CADs, GISs, Internet of Things platforms), Space 1 is an easy and quick-implementation solution, largely established in several projects involving main international players. Furthermore, Space 1 is natively integrated with Geocall, the OverIT’s Field Service Management product.

As a result of the high flexibility in the choice of the Operating System and of the type of device, Space 1 runs on the main smartphones, tablets and Head-mounted displays available on the market, this making it suitable for various operating environments, such as: maintenance, design and planning, manufacturing, training & learning, product description, healthcare.

A complete application suite


Space 1 Maintenance supports field technicians in the carrying out of technical and maintenance activities. It provides a whole set of cutting-edge AR, MR and VR functions to enhance safety, efficiency and quality of work as well as reduce errors and learning time.


Relying on virtual technologies to have the product catalog close at hand anytime: thanks to Space 1 Sales, the user makes the most of the virtual support to display, customize and manipulate any kind of article during sales activities. Even expensive, complex, difficult to transport and highly detailed products in multiple configurations will always be available to support the decision-making purchase process.

Virtual Collaboration

The remote assistance opens up a new dimension thanks to the virtual collaboration. Sharing the point of view among different users, exchanging information in real time, providing remote support or training, guiding an operator in performing the tasks assigned: thanks to Space 1 Virtual Collaboration all this is now real.


The union between GIS and “virtual” allows the user to visualize spatial data in the real world, which is enriched with information otherwise invisible, such as pipelines, electrical networks and technical components, with which the user can virtually interact.

Space 1 is available on Cloud and is developed for working both in online and offline mode.

The main functions provided by Space 1 to its users, are:

  • Automatic objects recognition
  • Interactive wizard and workflow management
  • Display and manipulation of virtual objects
  • Interactions via gestures and voice control
  • Display of the multimedia contents associated to the objects
  • Audio and video sharing from remote
  • Simplified procedure for importing new data and virtual objects
  • Management of repositories and virtual objects